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  1. Amanda TheriaultJuly 6, 2011 at 3:07 PM

    In my opinion i think that Bauerlein is wrong. Although some of his facts are true for example; doing homework while watching T.V or on the computer, and maybe we do lack certain knowledge but instead of just saying everything that is wrong with us couldn't he try to find ways to use this technology for good. isn't it the teachers who need to teach us these skills that Bauerlein says we lack. One thing i do agree on is that we spend to much time with electronics, we need to get out more. But that doesn't mean that were bad people. What about if you compare Bauerlein's generation compared to people who came before him. Even then they could say that his generation spent to much time with all the new technologies. So does that make him part of this "stupid generation".

  2. Letizia SettembriniJuly 6, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    I strongly disagree with this article and Bauerlein because its not true that our generation is stupid. People in our generation and even people in generations before us had different skills where they were stronger at. Some people might be better at math then other, and some people might be horrible at math just because they don't get it. In my opinion I think that people are age, are very intelligent and get good marks. For example my graduation was about 2 weeks ago and a lot of people were on the honour roll including me, so if people were dumb how come their getting high marks and averages. It might not be that people are dumb it might be that people are just too lazy to actually do some work but in every grade there are those few people who don't like to do anything and would rather just sit there. Even though kids these days are doing their homework while they are downloading music or talking to their friends on MSN, facebook, or texting, as long as their getting their work done and its done properly why does it matter how they do it. In school we are still learning about History, Politics, the arts, basic math, and English skills. Even though we may not be perfect at each of these subjects it doesn't mean that were dumb. I think that if you gave Bauerlein a test on all these subjects, he would do good on some of them, but others he wouldn't do to good because that's not his strength. So in the end every generation is the same, you might get those really smart people who are mostly good at every subject, or you might get those people who arent the sharpest people around.

  3. Really?! Dumbest Generation??? Yeah,I know I can't spell and all... but I know some pretty smart people. Were're not that dumb. I think with Facebook and cellphones, we are the most social generation. All technology's made us is lazy... NOT dumb

  4. I believe that this is true not because of the major facts stated but because today i've really noticed that what i had when i was 4 or 5 was nothing compared to my brother or sister also considering the fact that when i go on vacation to a place like Iran i seee my cousins and they dont have the fancy x box 360 an dare currently at the highly outstanding gr.7 level of math going into gr.5. Looking at the big picture, i do say that we are the dumb generation because we used to go outside and play basketball now we have the ps3, my parents used to know streets like it was their phone number and now that we have a GPS its like we're forigners that dont know our language.having all of this technology is bad for us! like said in the text and i quote"Only 6 per cent of (university) teachers say that students today enter their classrooms `well-prepared' in writing." this also means and i quote again"The Internet doesn't impart adult information; it crowds it out," we are the dumb gereration because we are in the land of oppertunity "the land of waste".

    Another 100% true reason i say this is because when the creator of internet or google, yahoo, rogers,apple, and more, have created their compony it was because they had a clear head they had an acumen mind much beyond the world (but thats what you think!!!) the reality is that they had non of what my mother calls good for nothing gadgets! they had a book a pencil and paper they had NOTHING!

    Its true that every day people come up with great inventions but they are created to help us and teach us whats life about but they do nothing but brain wash you into believing that youwant it and it wants youthe geniuses themselves have a littlen secret they keep to them selves ;they make it but dont play with it , this goes for games and any other possible thing that involves a lack of matter and principle bill gates doen't, didn't and probably still wont get his son an x box even though his compony and x box are connected (microsoft- which endources X BOX live) and this is the problem the nobodys stay nobodys and the sombodys stay sombodys.

    To coonclude my comment i would like to once again say that the land of oppertunity is also the laand of waste It would take much too long for me to go back and edit this so i'd like to say that i am 14 an di understand our problem hopefull the world will as well.
    based on my sloppy work you can see that i am from the DUMB GENERATION unfortunate but true.

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  6. Technology isn't what affects our grades, but it is how we USE technology that does. If you look around your classmates, you can see that some or most of the higher students use technology, but that doesn't prove anything. The Internet, which connects to almost every modern day electronics can't be owned, therefore, can't be controlled.
    Bottom line is: Be able to CONTROL yourself rather than letting technology control you. This is a very simple task to do, yet very hard to keep, because technology has already taken up most of our lives. That is what people think we are the "Dumbest generation"yet we are not, and we are not "The laziest generation", but we are a lazy generation for certain, since we rely on technology too much. If we keep this pace up, there COULD be "the laziest" and "The Dumbest" generation in the near or distant future.

  7. If you see all the technology that surrounds our young age, we see that it makes life generally more easier for us. But as we get into the future, we create more advanced technology. Although we are supposedly the "dumbest generation", we just have life easy and in the future we may also have more advanced technology so that younger generations in the future would also have life as simple as us or better. So I disagree that we are the "dumbest generation", we are just using technology as our advantage in life.

  8. Clarissa S. WiriantoJuly 7, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    After reading the tittle, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" immediately popped into my mind.

    I mean, yeah we tend to spend an awful lot of time on the internet and using other communication devices, but realize that we know how to work them! We're not "the dumbest generation", just the laziest, I'll admit.
    I agree that teenagers spend way to much time on social media, when we should be putting more efforts into our studies instead.
    " "People text each other in class while they're sitting next to each other," she says, giggling." I'm going to have to agree that is dumb.

    Another thing I would like to point out is the past generations literacy skills. I've heard from several teachers, and the newspapers themselves, that the articles they write are "at a grade five level" and that "this is because most torontonians wouldn't understand". If they expect us to be geniuses, we need higher level education. And I can't understand how they could provide that for us when they are not even at that level.

    Multi-tasking is generally considered as "good", but I believe otherwise. College students are frequently being diagnosed with AD HD, as all that multi-tasking has had an impact on them. They are un-able to focus on one thing.
    That is one of the only things I agree on the article. We shouldn't be doing ten different things at once because it's not really good for us.

    This concludes my rant/opinion. I shall repeat: we are not dumb.

  9. I believe in some of the cases listed, but not all. Technology has effect us, but not in a way to call us the dumbest generation. People from generations before and people today are different. Technology has been the fastest growing industry, therefore allowing people to use these devices to their advantage but at the same time, their disadvantage. People generations before had to do everything mentally, but that doesn't make them more intelligent. Our generation is reliant on technology, but its not just ours, its every person living in the world. I do agree with McLagan, "today's youth are paying the price for other generations' mistakes." Generations are meant to change. There's been plenty of intelligent people from all generations, for example, Isaac Newton to Einstein to Stephen Hawking. There will be more to come.

  10. We're not dumb. If you had the technology available to you that we had now, well then you wouldn't be complaining.

  11. Our use of technology can be a blessing or a curse, it depends on how you use it and calling us the "dumb generation" isn't helping us in anyway. Instead of criticizing how about you adults with more experience with technology teach us the right way to use it.We are your future don't piss us off.

  12. Letizia SettembriniJuly 7, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    To: Amanda Theriault
    I agree with all the things that you said about saying that Bauerlein's generation might have been called "dumb" also. I also agree when you said that its true that our generation spends too much time with electronics and we do need to get out more. Canadian kids these days aren't getting enough exercise and that can really cause problems the world because kids will all become lazy and they wouldn't want to do anything, and wouldn't want to work either.

  13. Amanda TheriaultJuly 7, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    To: Letizia Settembrini
    I agree that different people have different skills also good point that many students receive honour's so how can they still call us "Dumb"? when you said " Even though kids these days are doing their homework while they are downloading music or talking to their friends on MSN, facebook, or texting, as long as their getting their work done and its done properly why does it matter...". I disagree with this because doing these things while doing work even though we may not think so it does prevent us from doing the work to our full potential. Sometimes I even find myself doing a half fast job on homework just so i can watch my favourite T.V show or go on Facebook to talk to my best friend.

  14. @Amanda Theriault
    You're totally right. There's nothing wrong with having technology. And there is defiantly nothing wrong with our generation! I mean... in the past, people thought that girls were weak and couldn't do anything... that generation was dumb.

  15. @Butt3ry:
    The whole point of the argument that the professors and other adults put up is that they don't have the technology. Their argument is that technology has affected us and not as much as their generation. Our generation and the generations ahead will always be affected by technology, which causes us to be called "dumb" since we're relying too much on technology. If we didn't have as much technology, I would say that we would be smarter in some areas such as mental math and such, but not in different areas.

  16. In my opinion, we are NOT the dumbest generation. many people think this because most of us spend lots of times using electronics such as computers, video games, and TVs. I thinks that these electronics DO NOT make us "dumb", they in fact make us find easier ways to everything, by this, electronics make us work less, and think less. We are NOT using our whole potential because technology does pretty much everything for us. I believe our generation needs to use electronics less, and think a little more, that way we may be able to use our whole potential by using the more complicated way. This may help us on getting a good reputation with different generations.

  17. I think the millennium kids are not "dumb". I know some kids who are actually smart through hard work, and dedication. Maybe we sound dumb because of all the slang words we have today, but i know we think smart.

  18. Jefferson AstudiloJuly 7, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    I think the Millennium kid's are not dumb because from my past experiences I have met alot of smart people and are really into school not just video games

  19. i agree with michael wong to a limit

  20. Bauerlein calling us, the dumbest generation is totally not true. Yes, technology ,may have kind of affected of our lives, but let's not blame technology. Technology, is used to improve our lives, and make them easier and more advanced.Also, here's a fact. If we use different technology continuously, it may delay us, from achieving our goal. That is from succeeding in our studies, but here's another thing. If we set a limit, for how much we use technology, and also keep track of our studies, we can actually get smarter. For the thing is, from doing this, you can gain more knowledge about how to use the technology, to make our lives more easier. Let's not only depend on technology, but depend on the gift God gave us, our minds.We should use this gift wisely and not take it for granted. Lastly, all I'm trying is to say we're not the dumbest generation, we're way smarter!

  21. I have a question for Mr. Bauerlein and his supposed intelligence that we do not have: If we are the dumbest generation when technology and the Internet is nowhere near finished evolving, what do you call the generations that come after us?

    And I don't mean to be rude but naming a book, "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30" is just proving to the world how narrow-minded you are.

  22. @Adam Taghavi:
    I love how passionate you are.

    But to put it simply I don't think we can compare ourselves too strictly with our parents and your cousins in Iran. Humans are evolving and changing in different places in the world, and technology is moving along with it. All this information we have access to right at our fingertips is actually something quite priceless--it all depends on how we use this access. Do we spend half of our life on social networking sites chatting about fashion and cars? Or do we use it to do valuable research to achieve good grades and build better futures for ourselves? The Internet assists in making our lives immensely easier and many people are profiting from this.

    It's not really a definite "yes we're the dumbest generation" or "no we're not." You can't categorize everyone in one word. Bauerlein seems rather stubborn.

    Again, I must say I very much admire your passionate comment, Adam.

  23. Christina PoleraJuly 7, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    I agree with the statement “today’s youth are so absorbed in immediate realities such as iTunes and Facebook that they're effectively cut off from the rest of the world.” This is located near the beginning of this article. Young people today are so focused on status updates and following others Twitter that they don’t even know what’s happening in the real world. Teenagers get distracted easily from work because they know that they can get easy access to social networking sites and they forget about school work. Cell phones I think are the biggest distraction to people. Cell phones are easy to use and portable which makes it a big distraction. I know that my cousin is constantly texting and she is always on her cell phone. She texts her friends more than she talks face to face with them! I know many people can be like this and it is a bad addiction. People who have this addiction are mostly not focused on their school work and probably don’t know the weather outside. I disagree with the statement “new generation that lacks knowledge of history, politics, the arts, basic math and English skills, and reliability in the workforce.” I believe that young people do know the basic skills but are just not fully involved in them. I think that young people also learn bad things from the media. Some TV shows like Gossip Girl and Degrassi show some bad examples from being in school. It is not realistic and young people are learning from their actions and bad examples from those shows. Many kids these days are becoming obese and I think the technology has something to do with it. People are so focused on the new technology coming out or the new video game that they don’t get enough exercise. I hope in the future people learn to continue their studies and stay healthy and not involve their whole time on computers, cell phones, and other technology.

  24. Christina PoleraJuly 7, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    What do you think can help this generation to become more focused on whats important?

  25. We are NOT the dumbest generation! Mr baeurlien is rude and provides VERY BIASED information about what he is obviously so keen on discussing with the public! It is clear to me that what he is throwing at us, needs a thorough do-over! Mr."I dislike Youth!", needs to get something through his very defiant head! NOT EVERY child plays technologies like video games 24/7! Let me tell you, I personally LOVE to read , and HAVE NEVER played a video game in my ENTIRE LIFE! I will admit that they're a lot of gamers in this generation, but you can not be seriosly that disgusted with my gemeration! I have'nt played a video game because my mother thinks it will kill your brain cells, SO, don't you dare blame the parents for us gamers in your next article! Technology should not be the reason for your heartless article, nor should it be the reson why we are all in the conflict. Technology provides young adults and younger with numerous infornmation and and chamce to converse with people that we have not seen in ages! It als provides us with a sturdy, great future for the generation, What do you think about that Mr. B? So, we are laxy, I'll admit that, but dumb?, I do not think so!

  26. Sophia:
    Very inspiring comment, very well-said! Good job! :)

  27. christina my comment answers itsself and if you cant undrestand it then you really are a part of the "dumb generation"

  28. i agree with marylin to a limit!

  29. Clarissa S. WiriantoJuly 7, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    To: Olivia

    COMPLETELY AGREED. I love your opinions!

    To: everyone else

    Just would like to add: It was "dumb" of Mr. What's his name to say that we're dumb. Proper term? Lazy.

    And who invented Facebook and those cellphones and other social networks? NOT US. VERY SMART OF THEM.

    And if you want someone to blame, blame their generation. 'Kay? Thank you very much. <3

  30. @Olivia Malito:

    You're the biggest sweetheart! Thank you!

    Your pinpoint opinions are delivered with a sassy, zesty attitude that I very much appreciate. And to support your comment about conversing with people we haven't seen in ages, my mother has recently opened a Facebook account and got in touch with some of her university classmates from around the world! She is very glad to be able to communicate and catch up on old times with them. See what the Internet is doing for us?

    Again, much thanks Olivia. Sorry for always taking your seat.

  31. I agree that technology is getting in the way of our lifestyle like teens are addicted to social networking sites and cellphones (texting). But I don't agree that we are the dumbest generation. We just have a lot of access to technology today that we use it as shortcuts instead of doing things ourselves. We get more lazy because of the fact that we do have technology to use. "Dumb" shouldn't be the word to describe this generation and this article is very biased.

  32. I personally disagree with this article because I do not think we are the dumbest generation. Yes, I might admit that we are very much so caught up in our technology compared to all the other generations but the reason for that is because our technology is rapidly changing compared to the other generations.I personally think the words dumb generation are bad words to describe us if they want to
    describe us they should you the words technology generation.

  33. to everyone:
    I agree with everyone's opinions on this article since we all have facts to prove ourselves. Technology doesn't actually affect our grades, but it's how we use technology. Just because we might rely a little more on technology doesn't mean our grades go down. Technology is a tool that helps us when we work, but it is also a distraction, which does the complete opposite.
    I think we are part of a long line of what we all should call "The lazy era" because when you are lazy, you don't feel like doing work. This article is both true and false in a way, because some people( not all) might feel like technology is getting in the way, and some think its helping us to achieve our true potentials.
    This article was written by the opinions of very few people. None of us, even the media, shouldn't judge others by their grades or appearance, because we are all unique. The only judges of our lives are ourselves. Only we can judge what we have become, we only have the ability to judge ourselves. People who write articles like these are wrong because only we can decide when to change and how to succeed

  34. This article certainly points out many new and important ideas revolving technology and the current generation of teens. Although many aspects are arguable, I agree with a few points presented in this article as well.

    In today's society, technology has definitely become more evident than ever and it has also become a portal to distraction for many teenagers. The development of social networking sites and technology such as texting, Facebook, iTunes, television and the internet is very rapid, has made tasks easier and does tempt teenagers to waste a lot of time and be cut off from the physical world around them. Although new technology has enabled teens to do such things, I really do not think that it makes the generation any dumber or smarter than those before it.

    I personally do not think that the digital age has "produced a new generation that lacks knowledge of history, politics, the arts, basic math and English skills and reliability in the workforce" as Mr. Bauerlein has stated. Knowledge in these areas have always been obtained through attending school, and should not be affected by technology. Schools still teach the same curriculum as they have for the previous generations. The content has only become more concentrated, especially after the elimination of the OAC and given the fact that students are still able to keep up with their studies, it is proven that today's generation is definitely not dumb.

    However, technology has also allowed people to perform tasks much more easily and a prime example of that is the internet and the calculator. Unfortunately, many people abuse these developments by using then to help then perform simple tasks and calculate equations that can be done without the aid of technology. The internet is definitely a great resource, and in my opinion I believe that it has opened today's generation to a whole new world of endless information that was not available to previous generations. Many accuse technology of causing youth to lack dedication and responsibility but I believe the characteristics of dedication and responsibility comes from each individual person's personality and is typically not affected by external factors.

    Overall, the media-rich environment that has been presented to teens today has definitely changed the way that the generation learns and lives compared to generations before it. I think that this change is why people like Mr. Bauerlein believe that the current generation is the "dumbest". I do believe that we are drifting from the lifestyle of previous generations, but I also believe we are learning to live in a completely different way at the same time. I'm sure that there were people in previous generations who did not exactly have knowledge in the areas of school and were often distracted, maybe not by Facebook, MSN, and similar concepts but other things. There are people in our generation who have developed amazing things that have expanded human knowledge, allowing people to perform tasks that were previously impossible and increase the life span of humans, like those before us. Technology has definitely caused people to become more lazy, and seem more "dumb", but if these people decided to use technology to their advantage, they would certainly be more than capable to be intelligent. I truly believe that our generation is not any dumber than those before us and that every generation is equal and is simply different and everyone has different talents and abilities. Technology is the direction that our world is heading towards, and I believe that if today's generation becomes familiar to it, it will definitely benefit them in the future when it becomes even more developed and popular in our world.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long comment guys !):

  35. I would have to agree with this article becuase we have become so Dependant On technology for so many different things such as spell check and calculators, and it has also effected social skills in so many different ways. People do not know how to have conversations with people due to texting and e-mail, we now have slang such as LOL. We have gotten so lazy that we can’t even fully spell out words.

  36. @ Jerfferson Aryee

    I do agree with you, technology can be a blessing and a curse, but I believe people have become way to dependant on it. You see people with their eyes glued to their cell phones and computer screens because they have this constant need to be updated with their friends every moment of every second of the day when they should be out enjoying the fresh air. We have all become lazy.

  37. Jonathan GonzagaJuly 10, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    It is true what people say, we are so dependent on technology. But they are wrong in telling us that we are "dumb". They like to criticize us by making some foolish statements. They have no idea how technology helps us in our daily work. In fact, it helps us in everything we do and want. People think that technology is an "Idiot box" like the television which is a strong addiction. That is true too, but it depends on how people use it. There are some children who misuse technological devices such as computers. But many children, college students, etc. use these devices for studies. Technology is the reason why a majority of the younger generation get excellent grades in school and also achieve other goals in their life.

  38. I agree with the statement that our generation is too reliant on technology for all of our daily tasks we need to perform, but i disagree with the statement suggesting our low intellectual value. We only use the technology as a tool, not a replacement for our brains. We're using technology so much, because it is an easier method to communicate, finding information, and so on, like the same way how we use cars because they're an easier form of transportation. I also agree with joshua, because some people have become over reliant on technology, and use it for unnecessary tasks, that they could do themselves. lol :P

  39. Lynelle Vassell :)July 11, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    Although people say we are so dependent on the technology of of today that doesn't make us dumb cause if we we're dumb we wouldn't be able to use the technology that we have. People are dumb to what they don't know "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not is simple. Teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Wake him. He who knows, and knows that he knows is wise. Follow him." Our generation is simple ("He who knows not, and knows that he knows not is simple. Teach him.) we have a lot to learn but at least we know when we know and when we don't know :)

  40. I don't agree with this article.We might be into technology alot but not the dummest.As the article says when we reach 30 we are smart again that makes no sense.

  41. To Jonathan Gonzaga:

    You definitely highlighted some very important ideas. I totally agree that the effect of technology on our generation completely depends on how people choose to use it. I am definitely a real-life example of that . Computers and the internet have definitely helped me do well in school so far and I owe these great developments for my academic success, but unfortunately I find myself constantly distracted as well when I often side track and visit social networking websites while I should be doing my homework. I'm sure that many teens find themselves in the same situation as me, I know that many of my friends do for sure. Technology has also become so developed that we are able to perform simple tasks with minimal effort, which has caused us to become lazy and dependant on technology. Because of this, people think that technology has caused us to be seen as "dumb". However, as you have stated, technology has definitely helped us reach new heights and accomplish goals that were previously impossible. Overall, I completely agree with your opinion on this matter and I like how you responded to this article looking from both the positive and negative perspectives instead of just arguing against the accusation of our generation being dumb.

  42. I agree that technology is changing our generation. But there are positive and negative aspects to this change. This new technology is allowing us to expand our knowledge in new creations that helps us in our daily life. But, it takes our attention away from our education and reality. Also, it has shown in studies that the average of our generation in school are lower than other generations and our average weight is higher, since we become less active due to computers and TVs. Therefore, i believe that agreeing or disagreeing with this article depends on how you take advantage of the new and advanced technology in our generation.

  43. To Olivia Malito,

    I agree with you Olivia. you have made your article short and sweet. It was beautifully said and a superb job.

  44. This article is all about how technology in the present is affecting our generation of teenagers. There are some points in this article that I agree, but at the same time, there are also many points that I strongly disagree.

    There has been so much blame placed on media and technology for the lack of intelligence in our generation. When devices like the computers fail kids, it’s too easy to blame the technology. Technology don’t define how they are taken up socially, people do.
    I’m sure that technology can sometimes be a distraction, but in many cases, it can be used as an aid. Devices such as the computer and the internet have been a great help in our journey of success.

    I agree that we have been taking technology for granted, which has caused people to think that we have become lazy. However, due to technology, our world has advanced. Jobs that used to take many hours to complete can now be done in just seconds. Our generation might be depending on technology a little bit more than the past generations, but that certainly doesn’t make us dumb. When Bauerlein claimed that the digital age has produced a new generation that lacks knowledge of history, politics, the arts, basic math and English skills, and reliability in the workforce, I was surprised. The reason we go to school is to learn about all that knowledge. We can also gain knowledge from our parents. So I definitely disagree with that point. I’m not saying he’s totally wrong, because each person has their own opinion on this article.

    I truly believe that if thinks that we are the dumbest generation, the smartest is certainly yet to come.

  45. I don't think that this article is telling the true i believe that kids do get their homework done while they listen to music.
    Facebook also helps people get information that they need from friends so all i'm saying is this article is deceitful

  46. @Farrah
    I agree with you because many different people can use technology in different ways for their own reasons. Some reasons can be bad like using the technology for games, and social networking not for school. So, technology is really distracting for us IF we use it for the wrong reasons.

  47. @Eyan Sansome
    I agree with you that we can do things while using technology like homework and music or tv. But it also could distracting to many people. It can increase the time of their homework due to the distractions around them. Also they might not understand what the work is because they are distracted with other technology. I agree that Facebook helps get information from friends but again, it's very distracting especially with the fact that there are way more things to do on Facebook other than actually talking to friends or communicating. There's also games, and other applications you can use which are not beneficial to us.

  48. @Keshara
    I agree with your opinion because we take advantage of the advanced technology today, but only if we choose to do that. We can use technology wisely instead of being lazy. I also, agree that we should be described as the technological generation, instead of the dumb generation.

  49. To: Lyza
    I agree with you about how technology is influencing today’s generation compared to prior generations and how generations are becoming lazy. The reason why I agree with these points is because our generation is getting influenced by our developing technology such as social media (Facebook, msn, twitter, and many more). Our generation is also getting influenced by texting and listening to music. The reason why I agree that our generation is lazy is because our generation is starting to rely more and more on the way technology is improving to help us do our assignments. Another way technology is making us lazy is by the way the newer generations are starting to get distracted with technology by listening to music, going on social media websites and many more instead of putting our priorities first.

  50. I have read most of the comments posted here.
    You guys sure know how to argue. Well, the comment that stuck out the most must have been Michelle's comment. WOW was it long :D
    I was completely mesmerized with how well you wrote your comment. Your point were well written and I completely agree with all your points, especially where that part where we take technology for granted. I enjoyed reading that part because I'm a prime example. :D
    I also agree with the fact that if we use the technology as our advantage, it can be an aid in our lives. Technology such as the computer can definitely help in our journey to success. Technology has made our world advanced.However, if we do misuse the devices, it could become a distraction.
    Bauerlein stated that we are the dumbest generation due to the fact that we have so many distraction. I believe that the past generations also had many distractions and that technology is just our generation's distractions. Bauerlein should consider about what he said.


  51. ^ @michelle
    forgot to post that :D

  52. @Folake Kayode
    I agree with your comment, we may be lazy but the last thing we are is dumb!

  53. I know, I'm late because it wasn't working -.-
    Technology is in our blood.We all know we use to much of it at times but we can control ourselves without using it while doing homework. Just because some teens like us do watch television, listening to music or go on the computer while doing homework doesn't mean we are the "dumbest" generation..
    Throughout our lives, technology has helped us, the computer for example we tend to search up things and learn things we did not know before. As for television, we watch trivia shows such as Jepordy and people ( the gifted ones) answer questions we possibly didn't know before.

  54. Yes i agree with Folake Kayode i know alot of smart people maybe they are smarter than he is.

  55. Lynelle Vassell :)July 13, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    I agree with Jonathan Gonzaga

  56. Somehow, I think I agree with the article because, teenagers like us use too much of time in smart phones, social network, television, and other entertainments and we spent less time in education. I think we should change our mind and start to do our works and use less time in entertainment.

  57. I agree with this article because alot of our generation would rather spend time watching television or on social networks then to focus on school work.

  58. Jonathan:
    Thank you for your wonderful comment, it sweet!

  59. it was sweet! :P

  60. i agree because our generation is busy popping zombie heads off their bodies in other words it means we are spending most of our life playing video games and electronic devices.

  61. i agree with cameron because now the average person that goes on facebook spends 50 minutes just on facebook.